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Your home inspection cost is very small in comparison to the home being inspected.  Before buying a home, you need to know and understand every aspect of the property. Some are small items that are good to know about but others are much more important.  These are the ones that really matter.  Some examples are structural failure or a small roof leak that could lead to major defects.  Perhaps a safety hazard or something that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home.No home is perfect.

Your Home Inspection Includes A Thermal Scan

Apartment Condo (Shared heating and hot water)
Up to 1200 sqft $ 350.00
Condo & Townhouse
Up to 1500 sqft $ 400.00
Single Family Homes
up to 1499  sqft $ 450.00
1500 sqft - 2499 sqft $ 500.00
2500 sqft - 3499 sqft $ 550.00
3500 + sqft $ 650.00

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